About Us


I’m Natasha (Tasha), Creator of Want That Invite. A Wedding & Event planning & styling business based in the North West, UK. I have an uncontrollable passion for creating & designing and eat sleep and breath what I do. I believe that every special occasion should be celebrated to the fullest, as its those occasions and moments that make memories that last forever. I strive to create the most on trend and memorable events around making everybody WANT THAT INVITE to your special occasion.

But why start this blog? I felt as if i had so many ideas and so much inspiration clogging up my brain space that i thought it would be great to offload and share it with any style contious clients. Throughout the blog i shall be sharing tips and tricks, upcoming trends and photo shoots of my work, inspiring all of your event needs.

Have you ever planned an event and by the time the date comes around you just wish it was over because the stress has outweighed the fun?  Maybe you didn’t have the time to plan properly so instead of having the time to search for cheaper options, you overspent and went over your budget (which is never fun). Or maybe you just want the most amazing event and just don’t have a creative eye. If any of these people are you then this blog will definitely help!

Stay tuned for all the inspiration coming your way…

Natasha XO